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Therapeutic dentistry

Caries treatment, Restoration of teeth, Treatment of pulpitis, Treatment of periodontitis

Pediatric dentistry

Removal of milk tooth, Sealing of fissures, Installation of the seal, Professional teeth cleaning


Tooth Removal, Bridle Plastic, Osteoplastic Surgery, Sinuslifting, Implants


Professional Philips-Zoom Whitening, Cap Whitening, End Whitening


Brackets, Orthodontic Appliances, Elinear


Crowns: metal ceramics, multi-zirconium, Implant prosthetics, Removable prosthetics, Groin prosthetics, All-ceramic / zirconium (tab, liner, veneer)

Laser dentistry

Caries treatment, Periodontal procedures, Treatment root canals, Plastic surgery, Bone surgery, Removal of veneers and crowns


Periodontal card drawing, Occupational oral hygiene, Closed periodontal pocket curettage

DentMe is a new generation dentistry in Ivano-Frankivsk

Our team does not stand still and always finds new solutions for age-old problems. For us there are no "impermeable channels", "irreparable pathologies of the bite", "inability to meet the aesthetic needs of patients" during restorations and dentures.

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Panshyshyn Vasylina Ivanivna

Dentist assistant

Hygienist, professional assistant and the right hand of the best dentist in Ivano-Frankivsk

Betsko Nazar Mykhailovich


DentMe Chief Medical Office, Dental Therapist, Endodontist, Orthopedist, Periodontist, Surgeon.

Stefanchuk Irina Igorivna


Dentist, therapist, orthopedist, hygienist.

We offer you a quick method of teeth whitening with Philips Zoom

Zoom is very efficient, just one hour of your time, and you get an instant result - a white smile for a long time.


Our Blog

1 December 2020

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction has always terrified patients. But in the 21st century, this fear is no longer relevant. With innovative methods of anesthesia, the procedure will be painless.

30 November 2020

Professional Philips-Zoom Whitening

Philips Zoom is a unique opportunity to whiten your teeth with one of the most popular and effective systems in the world.

29 November 2020

Professional oral hygiene

In order for your teeth to retain their natural whiteness, it is necessary to carry out professional oral hygiene. This is a comprehensive three-stage cleaning of teeth and tongue.