Therapeutic dentistry

Caries treatment, Restoration of teeth, Treatment of pulpitis, Treatment of periodontitis

Pediatric dentistry

Removal of milk tooth, Sealing of fissures, Installation of the seal, Professional teeth cleaning


Tooth Removal, Bridle Plastic, Osteoplastic Surgery, Sinuslifting, Implants


Professional Philips-Zoom Whitening, Cap Whitening, End Whitening


Brackets, Orthodontic Appliances, Elinear


Crowns: metal ceramics, multi-zirconium, Implant prosthetics, Removable prosthetics, Groin prosthetics, All-ceramic / zirconium (tab, liner, veneer)

Laser dentistry

Caries treatment, Periodontal procedures, Treatment root canals, Plastic surgery, Bone surgery, Removal of veneers and crowns


Periodontal card drawing, Occupational oral hygiene, Closed periodontal pocket curettage

Primary services

Primary consultation, Injection Anesthesia, Use of co-derma, Sight X-ray